Interested in adding some green to your space? Struggling with your current green babies? From consults to plant shopping, Greene Piece offers a multitude of options to make your green space as functional, purposeful, and affordable as possible.


-Styling Consult-

Greene Piece makes personalized recommendations for plants, styling ideas, and answers all of your plant related questions. Within 7 days of your Styling Consult, you’ll receive a customized Green(e) Print with details about your space, care tips for your current plants, and a list of ideas discussed during your consult. In a 60 minute session, Greene Piece considers:

  • The right space for your plants: Lighting, air quality and temperatures.

  • The right plants for you: Work schedule, travel habits and upkeep.

  • The right budget: Preventing you from paying those inflated plant prices & directing you to the best local places to shop.

    (Pricing ranges from $125-$175. Distance is considered in pricing. Virtual consults available upon request.)


Co-create with Greene Piece to cultivate the green space of your dreams. Choose from one of three groups below. Each project group includes a Styling Consult.

I. Seeds

Join Greene Piece on a 60 minute personalized shopping trip.

  • Greene Piece assists you in deciding where to place & how to water your new plants following your shopping trip.

  • 1 Check-in within 6 months.

II. Stalk

Busy Bee? Let Greene Piece do the shopping for you.

  • Greene Piece decides where to place your new plants & waters them during installation.

  • 1 Check-in within 6 months.

III. Bloom

Large-scale budget?Customize it.

  • Choose to shop with or without Greene Piece.

  • Greene Piece waters and places your new plants in your space.

  • 2 Check-ins within 12 months.

Not sure where to start or inquiring about pricing ?

Visit the BOOKINGS page and let Greene Piece get back to you to discuss your green styling options!


P.S. If you’re looking to purchase any new plant babies, check out Rooted.NYC and use code greenepiece for 10% off your order!