About Greene Piece

New York can be an unforgiving city. Greene Piece looks to create solace where it might not seem possible through thoughtful and realistic design concepts, personally curated for each client’s home and life.

Greene Piece’s objectives:

  • The right plants for right spaces: considering sunlight and temperatures.

  • The right plants for the right person: considering work schedule, time, travel habits, and upkeep.

  • An aim to make spaces functional: considering apartment size and long term plant growth.

  • Bringing nature back to spaces: incorporating green life in day-to-day spaces.

  • The right price: preventing the average millennial from falling for inflated prices, ensuring everyone has access to creating a green space -- Because everyone is entitled to an affordable, functional, green space.

About Maryah Greene

Maryah is a New York based, Japan-bred plant designer currently finishing her Masters in General Education as a first generation college graduate. While all seemingly unrelated, it’s Maryah’s blended background and upbringing -- paired with her inherent and undeniably nurturing nature -- that seamlessly lead to the creation of Greene Piece.

Growing up in the suburbs of Japan, Maryah became enamored with the way the Japanese culture admires, cares for, and honors plants. When she moved to New York two years ago, the vacant city lights and concrete felt off in comparison. Maryah started to cultivate green in her own spaces, before realizing she was not alone in her feelings. The demand grew, and thus, Greene Piece was born. As Maryah continues teaching in a fifth grade classroom, she understands that the same developments she fosters in the classroom go hand in hand with the processes and attention to detail that comes with building green spaces. Much like her plants, Maryah thrives where she can build off the energy around her.


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